For Healthcare Professionals

The HealthWealthLink system was initially designed to calculate an individual’s life expectancy and healthcare costs in retirement, with the objective of providing financial advisors with tools to help clients with financial planning.

Recently, given all of the recent changes in the healthcare industry, and the associated complexity which will be created for consumers when evaluating health plans, healthcare companies have begun to take note of the system’s unique ability to create simple, personalized plan recommendations for consumers. Potential applications include: public and private exchange tools; Medicare plan selection; Accountable Care Organization (ACO) profiling via mobile technology; direct-to-consumer purchases; and more.

In addition, the data included in the system can be used to help health insurance brokers and employers estimate current and future healthcare costs for selected employee populations using benchmark data and models projectable to all key US metro areas.

Robust Data Sources and Models

The HealthWealthLink data is based on actual health insurance claims collected across all carriers over the past 20 years. This data has been used to develop models and algortihms which allow HVS to reliably and accurately forecast healthcare costs at the individual level, based on responses to a set of proprietary health and lifestyle questions.

Completely Customized Solutions

HVS specializes in developing and delivering customized tools and analytics based on each client’s needs. The company currently supports a variety of financial services clients across the full delivery spectrum. Applications include: a website-based healthcare calculator that complements a 401K planning tool; an ipad app for advisors; and corpprate decision support systems with customized product recommendations, featuring the products that each company offers.