Healthcare Products and Services

HealthWealthLink is the first and only software system which calculates precise healthcare cost projections throughout a client’s entire retirement lifestage.

This system was developed by financial professionals, approved by doctors and authorized by actuaries for use in developing financial plans.

All legislative and actuarial decisions affecting healthcare and Medicare costs, at both the federal and state levels, are continuously updated in the system.

Personalized Healthcare Cost Analysis for Clients

An advisor inputs a client’s individual responses to few questions such as: age, gender, health, income range and state of residence (in retirement). A personalized expense report is instantly created which includes:

Longevity Projections:Based on the client’s answers to key health questions, life expectancy is calculated.

Medicare and Long-Term Care Expense Projections:“What if” scenarios can be run in real time, allowing clients to see the cost differ¬ences in the options they have selected for:

Health insurance cost calculations, including premiums and out-of-pocket costs
• Medicare Part A (hospital), Part B (doctor visits and tests)
• Medicare Part D (prescriptions)
• Medigap (supplemental insurance)

Long-term care options, by metro area
• At home care
• Assisted living
• Skilled nursing (nursing home care)

Identifying Funding Solutions

Once the expenses for health insurance and/or long-term care have been calculated, a variety of possible funding sources is presented to cover these costs.

Social Security and Pension Income Calculators: Social Security and pension income calculators are available for use as a potential source of funding future healthcare costs.

Customized Dashboard of Additional Investment or Insurance Funding Solutions:The funding sources presented will be customized to feature a set of products selected by each advisory firm. These funding sources can include products such as: mutual funds; annuities, life insurance; long-term care insurance, etc.

Interactive Illustration System: Allows financial advisors and their clients to run “what if” scenarios and to immediately see how an initial investment in a selected product reduces the projected costs.

Personalized Client Report: A comprehensive, easy-to-understand report is produced providing all the information needed to allow the client to make educated investment decisions.