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A number of readers have expressed that they would like to read an “old fashioned” Update (Ron’s View). To say the least, I was surprised and somewhat flattered. A good friend and highly regarded industry expert summed it up best. “I can read serious industry news 24/7 but what you wrote was unique. You brought us into your life and ended the column with sound advice. It was different and enjoyable to read. Even my wife looked forward to reading ‘Ron’s View,’ but...
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Press Release 05-18-2016

HealthView Services 2016 Retirement Health Care Costs Data Report Released   Retirement Health Care Costs for a 65-Year-Old Healthy Couple to Exceed $288,000 Projected 2015-2016 Retirement Health Care Inflation: 7.3% 66-Year-Old Couple Will Require 57% of Social Security Benefits to Cover Health Care Medicare Surcharges to Increasingly Impact Middle...
A Prescription for Saving

A Prescription for Saving

There has certainly been an onslaught of newsworthy developments over the past few months – the tragic terrorist attack in Brussels, the chaos of the presidential campaigns, the possible dissolution of the European Union amidst the refugee crisis and Britain’s potential exit. Perhaps preoccupation with these incidents sidetracked me from broaching a topic that I’ve wanted to discuss for quite some time: the skyrocketing cost of medications.   Let’s begin at the bottom. My...
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Productive Aging

Last month, The Forum at Harvard T.H. Chan’s School of Public Health broached the topic, “The Aging Workforce: Challenges and Benefits for the Public's Health.” During the discussion, panelists spent considerable time on the phrase productive aging, which essentially measures how retired Americans can continue to be socially, economically, and intellectually engaged participants in society. These contributions can be made through employment, voluntary work, elderly caregiving or...
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Better Information on IRRs Needed

A couple of people shared the new Government Accountability Office (GAO) Retirement Security report with me earlier this month on Income Replacement Rates (or Ratios), thinking I’d be interested, since we issued our white paper on IRRs last year. The GAO report makes interesting reading, as much for what it says, as what it does not, so much so I wrote a Commentary article for the Retirement Income Industry Association®’s (RIIA®) new interactive website last week...
Healthview Financial Services The Cost of Living Longer

The Cost of Living Longer

As regular readers know, I am a proponent of trying to stay healthy – especially as we age. Aside from the obvious benefits, such as avoiding hospital waiting rooms and enjoying better quality of life, being health-conscious is good for our pocketbooks. Fewer visits to the doctor mean lower copays and deductibles.  So theoretically, staying healthy saves money. Except that isn’t necessarily the case. The answer may be summed up in the first line of a recent Wall Street...
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First Snow

The Boston area had been experiencing an especially mild winter until last Friday’s storm, which dropped around 7 inches of very heavy snow on the North Shore. We ended up losing the only tree in our front yard and another adjacent to the driveway. It’s heartbreaking to think that I planted those trees, while in the prime of my life, 20 years ago. We’re also expecting up to a foot of snow Monday. Hopefully, this recent burst in precipitation is not going to mirror last year’s...
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Will Running or Walking Make You Live Longer? (Which Will Cost You More?)

I recently asked an orthopedist: “What is better for your health, walking or running?” Without any hesitation, he smiled and said, “Running. It’s putting my kids through college.” My wife, Marea, runs three to five miles most days, while I briskly walk 3.5 miles around the neighborhood in slightly less than an hour.  So, “medically speaking,” who is really better off? According to a recent article in Prevention, a brisk daily walk will lower a person’s overall...

In Golf and Stocks, Anything Can Happen

Last weekend, I went on a three-day “golfing vacation” with seven friends and let’s face it, you never know what can happen. Four of us were scheduled to leave on Friday afternoon at 4:40, but we actually took off at around 10:15 in the evening, so we had five mind-numbing hours of male bonding. Not surprisingly, other than complaining about the guy who booked the flights (me), we really didn’t have any meaningful conversations. (My wife is always surprised that guys don’t use...
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A Nasty January Surprise

This has been a very tough week, both for investors and Powerball enthusiasts. In fact, it was the worst opening week in market history. Stocks plummeted approximately 6%, and the estimated Powerball jackpot ballooned to a whopping $1.3 billion. My wife, Marea, has even caught the bug and told me that she was going out to purchase 10 tickets. I laughed and said, “All you’re doing is increasing our odds of winning from 1 in 292 million to 10 in 292 million. Statistically, we have a...
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