Why Plan for Retirement Health Care Costs?

Because millions are entering the Medicare system every year, retirees are going to have to pay more money for fewer benefits and purchase supplemental coverage to fill in the gaps.  Financial and health-related stability in retirement, a luxury enjoyed by most Americans since the passing of Medicare in 1965, will be replaced by the need for all citizens to place health care costs at the forefront of their retirement planning. Why Health Care is a Primary Retirement Concern  Most people...

Texas Hold’em

A few weeks ago, my neighbor, Dan, invited me to a Texas Hold‘em fundraiser at his temple. Normally, gambling isn’t my thing; in fact, the only card game I play now is Uno with my daughter, Taylor. “I’m not sure,” I said.  “I’m not much of a gambler.” “Come on.  It’s for charity,” he coaxed, “and the buy-in is only $25.” “OK,” I said, “but I have to leave by nine o’clock.” “No problem,” he laughed.  “You’ll probably be out of money by...

The Changing Retirement Landscape

For many Americans, affording retirement will be a challenge.  Earlier generations of workers could rely on employer-sponsored pensions, generous Social Security cost of living adjustments, (COLAs) and supplemental health care plans to provide long-term financial support. Unfortunately, many current and future retirees have no such parachute, and here are some of the challenges they will face. Despite what many Americans think, Medicare is not free. There are premiums, coverage gaps,...

Introduction to Building Retirement Knowledge

Dear Advisor, As a seasoned financial professional, you are probably comfortable engaging clients in discussions about retirement investments and savings; however, when conversations turn to Medicare, Social Security and long-term care, you probably wish you had simple solutions to address these complex programs.  What’s worse, when clients ask specific questions about topics like Medigap policies, Social Security filing age, or Medicare means testing, you may feel unprepared to provide...

Rose-Tinted Glasses

While Ron’s View is generally written to appeal to financial professionals, this Update is focused on consumers and their protection. For this week’s Update, All names have been changed. I recently had lunch with a friend who informed me that he had lost $100,000 in a local investment scam. I found this shocking because Larry is a very successful entrepreneur who has been around the block more than once. Another friend, Sebastian, chose an advisor who was well known in the...
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The Real Cost of Health Care in Retirement:  Barron’s

For its February 4th feature article, The Real Cost of Healthcare in Retirement Barron’s spoke to a number of experts about retirement health care and asked HealthView Services to provide customized data to illustrate the challenges facing future retirees. In the introduction to the article, Senior Editor, Reshma Kapedia, came up with a great way to frame the issue: “Understanding Medicare is like learning about the birds and the bees: Until they experience it themselves, most people...


President Trump has taken the first step in dismantling the Affordable Care Act (ACA, or Obamacare) by signing an Executive Order that gives federal agencies the authority to grant waivers, offer exemptions, and delay provisions if they lower costs.  The one-page document is somewhat vague and has failed to outline a specific action, so it is impossible to forecast the potential impact on those who rely on the program.  (Note that Americans who purchased insurance on the open market probably...
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Fire and Consequences

(This Update was written by one of my colleagues, whose parents’ home was destroyed by a fire last week.) At 3:15 in the morning last Thursday, I received a call that anyone who has elderly parents never want to get. “CHRIS! This is your parents’ tenant, Laura. Your parents are fine, but THE HOUSE IS ON FIRE! You need to get here, QUICK!” In a foggy blur, I rushed to my car and sped over to the house, which is only a few blocks away. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to drive up...
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Risk Tolerance (A Client-Facing Education Model)

First of all, I would like to wish all of the Update readers a very happy and prosperous new year. Speaking of prosperity, in terms of market performance – as the Dow closes in on 20,000 – some of you may feel optimistic about the future; others not so much.   Regardless of where we are headed, you must put aside events that cannot be controlled, and instead focus on what you can.   The first step is to measure your personal “risk tolerance.” Your risk tolerance is defined by...
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Press Release 12-6-2016

  Women Will Face Higher Retirement Health Care Costs Than Men With More Limited Financial Resources New HealthView Services Report: “The High Cost of Living Longer: Women & Retirement Health Care” Reveals Women’s Projected Health Care Expenses, the Financial Impact of Being a Family Caregiver, Loss of Benefits From Recent Changes to Social Security Rules, Expenses for the Last Four Years of Life When Many Are Likely to be Living Alone...
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