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HVS Portal

HVS Portal is HealthView Services’s new platform, which brings a fresh look-and-feel, added functionality, and a client-centric process that more easily allows financial professionals to run multiple types of illustrations and reports for their clients.

Building out client profiles and then running unlimited reports based on that information makes it as easy as possible to perform illustrations on the spot with clients and their spouses. Updated, redesigned PDF reports make a great take-home item for clients, and now, your logo can appear both the application and the reports for improved branding.

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The HealthWealthLink system is designed to guide advisors through a simple profiling process which will produce accurate healthcare and long-term projections for a client. An advisor inputs the client’s responses to few questions such as age, gender, health, income range and state of residence (in retirement).

HealthWealthLink will be available to use until the end of 2019, and will then be replaced by HVS Portal. Please contact us to transfer.

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