AdvisorsAddressing health care expenses is a critical step in providing clients with actionable retirement planning solutions.

Financial institutions partner with HealthView Services when incorporating health care costs into the core of their retirement planning operations.


but why health view

50MillionHealthView utilizes fifty million pieces of actuarial claims data, creating unmatched precision in this domain. HealthView’s software seamlessly integrates into any company’s current website or application- allowing for the exact look and feel you want reflected on any user interface.


Our data set can be as expansive or narrow as you’d like.
Our data set can be as expansive or narrow as you’d like. All HealthView requires is a client’s gender, age, state, and current health status to project health care costs throughout retirement. Further options are available for firms seeking a comprehensive, all-inclusive application.


Funding Gaps

By identifying funding gaps in client portfolios, HealthView’s software opens the door for advisors to suggest investments to cover these daunting expenses. The HealthView platform assists clients in understanding retirement health care costs and creates custom funding solutions through:

AnnuitiesMutual Fundscdslife-insurance-icon401k

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