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The HealthWealthLink system is designed to guide advisors through a simple profiling process which will produce accurate healthcare and long-term projections for a client. An advisor inputs the client’s responses to few questions such as age, gender, health, income range and state of residence (in retirement).

A personalized expense report is instantly created which includes:

  • Longevity Projections: Based on the client’s answers to key health questions, life expectancy is calculated.

  • Medicare and Long-Term Care Expense Projections: “What if” scenarios can be run in real time, allowing clients to see the cost differences in the options they have selected for:

Health insurance cost calculations, including premiums and out-of-pocket costs:

  • Medicare Part A (hospital), Part B (doctor visits and tests)

  • Medicare Part D (prescriptions)

  • Medigap (supplemental insurance)

Long-term care options, by metro area:

  • At home care

  • Assisted living
  • Skilled nursing (nursing home care)

Identifying Funding Solutions

Once the expenses for health insurance and/or long-term care have been calculated, a variety of possible funding sources is presented to cover these costs.

Social Security and Pension Income Calculators

Social Security and pension income calculators are available for use as a potential source of funding future healthcare costs.

Customized Dashboard of Additional Investment or Insurance Funding Solutions

The funding sources presented will be customized to feature a set of products selected by each advisory firm. These funding sources can include products such as: mutual funds; annuities, life insurance; long-term care insurance, etc.

Interactive Illustration System

Allows financial advisors and their clients to run “what if” scenarios and to immediately see how an initial investment in a selected product reduces the projected costs.

Personalized Client Report

A comprehensive, easy-to-understand report is produced providing all the information needed to allow the client to make educated investment decisions.

Benefits of Partnering with HealthView Services

Advisors who subscribe to the HealthView Services program will start to realize several benefits immediately.

Fast Return on Investment:

Feedback from advisors currently using the system indicates that providing this information increases client satisfaction by reducing their anxiety about the uncertainty of healthcare costs. They say that it also generates a quick payback on their investment: one ticket more than pays for the annual software license.

Branded Customized Software Service:

Our software is not sold as an off-the-shelf application; it is completely customized and branded to the firms that license the system.

A Variety of Ways to Run the Data:

Healthcare cost data and reports can be produced as a complement to financial planning reports. Or data can be input directly into any financial planning system.

Online Training Sessions:

Training will be made available via a series of scheduled webinars, and/or by viewing a video tutorial posted at the Broker-dealer website.


HealthWealthLink is available in various packages for competitive annual license fees that include unlimited usage of the application.

Note that tools can be also be licensed at a monthly rate as well.

Health Care & Long-Term Care Applications:


Social Security Application:   


Medicare Means Testing Application:  


Complete Bundle (All 4 Applications):