Building Retirement Knowledge

The following series of reference articles has been created to introduce advisors to health care, long-term care, and Social Security concepts as they relate retirement planning.  To accommodate users’ busy schedules, the topics are consolidated and delivered in 1-2 page weekly sequences that logically build upon each other; are easy to read; and can be easily integrated into existing planning practices.




Health Care Inflation and Retirement Health Care Cost Index

One of the most subtle yet dynamic variables that contributes to rising medical expenses is health care inflation, which is projected to grow between...Read More

Long Term Care

What is Long Term Care? Long-term care (LTC) refers to assistance with daily living activities – including bathing, eating, and dressing – for a...Read More

NEW: Introduction to Social Security: Part II

Introduction to Social Security: Part II (Policy)  Understanding FRA is important, but it is also necessary to understand how additional policies...Read More

Introduction to Social Security: Part I

Introduction to Social Security: Part I (Overview) Millions of Americans rely on Social Security as a source of income in retirement.  Despite its...Read More
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Understanding Basic Medicare

Understanding Basic Medicare: Parts A, B, D, and Supplemental Insurance Medicare enrollment and coverage can be confusing, and many Americans still...Read More

Using Data to Make a Difference

Traditional health care plans failed to incorporate variables such as longevity, health care costs, and long-term care into retirement plans;...Read More

Why Plan for Retirement Health Care Costs?

Because millions are entering the Medicare system every year, retirees are going to have to pay more money for fewer benefits and purchase...Read More

The Changing Retirement Landscape

For many Americans, affording retirement will be a challenge.  Earlier generations of workers could rely on employer-sponsored pensions, generous...Read More

Introduction to Building Retirement Knowledge

Dear Advisor, As a seasoned financial professional, you are probably comfortable engaging clients in discussions about retirement investments and...Read More
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