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2019 Retirement Healthcare Costs Brief


For several years, HealthView Services composed its annual Retirement Healthcare Costs Data Report: a comprehensive paper complete with short- and long-term cost projections and detailed case studies. This year, through expanded research, the firm has shifted its institutional focus to also include pre-retirement healthcare cost projections. However, we understand that our followers appreciate and rely [...]

Medicare Surcharges: The Impact of Indexing IRMAA Brackets


On January 1, 2020, Medicare surcharges will undergo a significant change to their calculation. For the first time in a decade, the brackets used to determine IRMAA sucharges will be indexed to the CPI-U. This legislation will have a number of consequences for current and future retirees, including an anticipated reduction in the number of [...]

Health in Retirement Planning


As Americans face growing retirement challenges, the complications and concerns stemming from healthcare funding are made only more difficult. Throughout this paper, seven unique examples of integrating healthcare into retirement planning are shown, highlighting critical considerations and potential roadblocks that can be mitigated with proper planning. Data relating to healthcare cost inflation, longevity, and [...]



Pressure on Drug Prices and Early Closing of “Donut Hole” Slow the Pace of Rising Costs Legislative Changes Will Increase the Number of Americans Subject to Medicare Surcharges at the Same Time Elimination of Social Security Claiming Strategies Reducing Potential Lifetime Benefits HealthView Services’ 2018 Retirement Health Care Costs Data Report Reveals: Projected benchmark healthcare [...]

White Paper Press Release


Recent Changes to Social Security & Medicare Will Collectively Have A Significant Financial Impact in Retirement, Continue Trend of Retirees Paying More & Receiving Fewer Benefits Total Impact of Social Security & Medicare Changes for a 55-year-old Couple Earning a Combined $140,000 in 2018 Will Be $158,000 in Increased Costs & Lower Retirement [...]

HealthView Insights Brief


EBRI Data Looks at a Narrow Slice of Retirement Health Care Expenses Retirees Must Plan for Costs Including Premiums The Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI) recently released an issue brief, Cumulative Out-of-Pocket Health Care Expenses After the Age of 70, which summarizes self-reported survey data from the “Asset and Health Dynamics Among the Oldest [...]

Building Wealth Through Wellness


Americans are anxious about rising healthcare costs. In Nationwide’s “Healthcare Costs in Retirement Survey,” (of 1,316 U.S. adults aged 50 or older) 74% admit that one of their top fears is out-of-control healthcare costs, and 64% are terrified of what healthcare costs may do to their retirement plans (up from 57% in 2015). Read More

Income Replacement Ratios


Income Replacement Ratios  An income replacement ratio (IRR) is the percentage of estimated pre-retirement income that you will need to maintain your desired lifestyle after you stop working.  This projection must cover various household expenses, such as food, shelter, and transportation, as well other variables, including health care costs and discretionary income. The most widely [...]

Medicare Means Testing : Reducing MAGI in Retirement


In order to prepare for potential means-testing surcharges, portfolios must be adjusted to account for retirement income distribution – not just accumulation.  Because not all sources of income count as MAGI, knowledgeable advisors can help retirees significantly reduce the impact of these surcharges – if not eliminate them altogether, by investing in specific products that [...]