Introduction to Building Retirement Knowledge

Dear Advisor,

As a seasoned financial professional, you are probably comfortable engaging clients in discussions about retirement investments and savings; however, when conversations turn to Medicare, Social Security and long-term care, you probably wish you had simple solutions to address these complex programs. What’s worse, when clients ask specific questions about topics like Medigap policies, Social Security filing age, or Medicare means testing, you may feel unprepared to provide sound advice. That’s where Building Retirement Knowledge comes in.

Access to Content

To assist advisors in navigating their clients through these and other planning issues, HealthView Services will offer a series of free guides called Building Retirement Knowledge that will include (but are not limited to) the following subjects:

Impact of Medicare premiums on Social Security benefits
Medicare means testing
Understanding Spousal Benefits
Health Care, Social Security, and Long-term Care for Women
Planning for Long-term Care
We understand how difficult it can be to learn new material in your fast-paced business, so the guides will be designed as short one-two page documents with additional information provided in the margins – similar to what one might see in a teacher textbook. This format will ensure that you are well informed, able to educate your clients, and prepared to answer additional inquiries that may arise. There will also be a series of shorter pieces to address important subtopics, such as the implications of the Hold Harmless provision on Medicare premium increases.

We believe that understanding the relationship between Social Security, Medicare, long-term care, and retirement savings will not only assist you in becoming a more educated and effective advisor, but also a valued resource for clients seeking answers on these important retirement issues.


Advisors who integrate health care into retirement planning can tailor specific on-the shelf product, such as annuities and life insurance policies, to offset these costs.

A Win/Win Concept

Addressing the primary issue facing retirees will motivate clients to take immediate action, provide long-term stability for their retirement, and expose your practice to millions of dollars in new business.

These articles will appear every other Tuesday on our Building Retirement Knowledge page. Check in bi-weekly for the latest post.


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