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Employer Health Care Coverage Changes: 2016


On Saturday afternoon, I sat on the couch with my daughter, Taylor, half watching SpongeBob Squarepants while penning this week’s Update on my iPad.  In this episode, SpongeBob’s pet snail, Gary, shatters his shell, but sadly, SpongeBob doesn’t have the necessary savings to purchase a new one. I guess SpongeBob must have gotten clobbered in [...]

China Devaluation and What it Means for You


Many of you are aware of the bold economic move made by China early last week. In an effort to increase growth, keep employment rates high, and compete in the global economy, China devalued its currency, the renminbi1 (人民币), or the “people’s money.” Historically, the greatest comparative difference between the renminbi’s unit of currency, the [...]

Men, Women, and Social Security


This past weekend I hosted a men vs women golf tournament. As has been the case for the past several years, the men won, but fun was had by all. However, not long after, I noticed the headline of an article heralding the 80th Anniversary of Social Security. I was struck then by the similarities [...]

Nurse Practicioners


After playing a round of golf with my buddies over the weekend, I got the chance to celebrate a rare hole-in-one (unfortunately, not mine). According to tradition, the person who hit the hole-in-one buys everyone in the bar a drink (alcoholic or nonalcoholic), so we all had a mid-afternoon celebration on “Bob.” One of the [...]