Health Care in Retirement Planning Day

Today is National Retirement Planning Week®’s first Health Care in Retirement Planning Day. As a proud supporter of this event, HealthView Services has launched new consumer-oriented retirement health care planning tools to help Americans incorporate health care costs into retirement plans, as well as a new HealthView Insights Paper, “Closing the Retirement Health Care Costs Planning Gap: The Next Retirement Planning Challenge.”

Insights Paper
HealthView’s new Insights paper is focused on helping close the retirement health care planning gap. The paper highlights a number of reasons why, despite the concerns that are being expressed about retirement health care costs by consumers and advisors, many have yet to build these costs into retirement plans. Outlining a number of simple retirement planning steps, it underscores the benefits of incorporating health care costs into the retirement planning process.

Coinciding with these releases is a Health Care In Retirement CE Webinar, which is occurring today at 2:00 pm EDT as a combined effort with the Insured Retirement Institute. Follow the link on the right of this email to sign up.

Consumer Tools
The new free tools give consumers the ability to better understand expected health care costs in retirement, long-term care costs and future retirement savings. By inputting basic information including age, gender, health status and location, consumers will receive a comprehensive report detailing average costs for people in similar circumstances and comparisons to expected future lifetime retirement income.

We hope to encourage more individuals to engage with advisors to discuss how these expenses can be built into existing retirement plans, and support the development of high-value planning and product optimization strategies to manage and reduce total lifetime health care costs.

To read our Insights paper, Closing the Retirement Health Care Costs Planning Gap, click here.
To read our press release, click here.