Monthly Archives: April 2015

The Social Security Conundrum


Did you know that delaying Social Security could increase your monthly benefits by as much as 32%? As the current policy stands, a person whose full retirement age (FRA) is 66 will see an 8% increase for every year that he or she delays receiving benefits up to age 70. Sounds like a great deal. [...]

Health Care in Retirement Planning Day


Today is National Retirement Planning Week®’s first Health Care in Retirement Planning Day. As a proud supporter of this event, HealthView Services has launched new consumer-oriented retirement health care planning tools to help Americans incorporate health care costs into retirement plans, as well as a new HealthView Insights Paper, "Closing the Retirement Health Care Costs [...]

Closing the Retirement Health Care Planning Gap


Although industry surveys show that paying for health care is among the leading concerns of those preparing for retirement, health care costs are not consistently integrated into retirement plans. In conjunction with National Retirement Week’s first “Retirement Health Care Planning Day,” HealthView Services has released a new Insights paper titled, “Closing the Retirement Health Care [...]

Yesterday and Today


“What’s with all of this health care cost anxiety?” some of my friends have been asking me lately. “My parents never worried about paying for health care in retirement. It wasn’t a financial burden to them.” Let’s begin our analysis by comparing the Greatest Generation to today’s Baby Boomers with one key question in mind: [...]