Monthly Archives: March 2015

National Retirement Week


The HealthView team is currently preparing for our role in this year’s upcoming National Retirement Week, which will take place from April 13 - 17. The purpose of this industry-wide effort is to help investors address their most important financial needs in retirement. For the first time, an entire day is being dedicated to the [...]

401(k) Guidelines


Around a month ago, several friends and relatives called to ask me if the time had come to significantly increase their exposure to equities. Based on my past experience, these bullish phone calls are usually a very bad sign for the stock market. I introduced this growing collective sentiment to my walking friend, Joanne, who [...]

Should A Retiree Purchase Medicare Supplemental Insurance?


The following is a conversation that I recently had with a friend who is retiring soon. He wanted to know if he should purchase a supplemental insurance policy when he signs up for Medicare. This is a highly personal decision, so rather than give him advice, I tried to explain, in very basic terms, what [...]